BMW LCM/LKM Lamp Control Module repairs

E39 5 Series and E38 7 Series BMWs suffer from a frustrating issue where one or both of your high beam lamps stays on at all times and turning the igntion off does nothing at all. The fault can also produce the same issue with one or both low beams and can even be the cause for one or more headlamps not working at all.

Apart from the obvious annoyance factor, this fault can also cause your vehicle battery to go flat overnight resulting in all sorts of issues and inconveniences. 

Replacement LCMs run anywhere from $250 to $600 online, and then you still need to have the module recoded to suit your particular vehicle at a dealer cost of approx $50 - $150. There are risks involved in getting the right part for your model or simply fitting a used part that may have the same fault at any time, so why replace a faulty unit with an unknown one?

Have your own module repaired instead!

We offer a service that replaces only the faulty components inside your own LCM, thus avoiding the recoding costs and worry of used parts. For a fixed price, we replace all four of the components that either have already failed or could fail in the future - both low beam and both high beams.

You have your lights and reliability back, without the high costs!

For under $220*, you will be back on the road fast. 

All you need to do is remove your Lamp Control Module from your vehicle** and send it to us (securely packaged) and we will repair it and return it to you as fast as we can. It will be repaired the day it arrives and on its way back to you in the post either that same day or next day, depending on the timing of the deliveries.

Not confident?

If you are not confident in removing the module from your vehicle yourself and are able to get to our Cheltenham workshop easily and safely, feel free to contact use for a remove / repair / refit service. The cost for this onsite service comes to $295 + GST. (includes 1 hour of labour as well as the full repair)

A phone booking is essential for this complete repair option and you will need to allow approximately 2 - 4 hours for your vehicle to be completed as it becomes one of our daily repair bookings.



*Total end cost to you depends on the cost of outbound postage/freight from you to us, but generally even express AusPost services will fit into this dollar value - both ways including the repair.

** some great online resources are available that will guide you through the relatively easy task of removing your LCM. Do a Google Search for 'e39 headlamp not working' and some good LCM info can be found, including removal guides.